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"As you know that photoshop is very interseting software
for photo editing and making logos,banners & little graphics
and we all want to learn it.There is lot of sites who have lots
of photoshop tutorials but all are advance, through which
we cant learn photoshop.Although very few sites have some
basic tutorials but no any site have complete and easy to
understand basic tutorials.But after some hard searching:)
I create this post.Here is 19 basic tutorials through which
you can easily learn photoshop`s basics.These links are
from different sites and divided into days and i recommend
you that "1 tutorial/1 day" so by this formula u can easily
learn photoshop basics. After that its all up to you if you
have interset in photoshop you can easily learn advance
photoshop tutorials from any web.And after these tutorials
you should learn text tutorials but first learn these tutorials
Sorry for colorfull page:) Lets get started and enjoy!!"

  • New theme of this blog also design on Photoshop CS3.
  •  Photoshop is not just a photo editor its great tool for web designing, icon designing, logo designing and little animation designing.
  •  Specially for Fahad siddiqui, Murtaza ujjain and shiraz khan
Day 1:
Very basic and detail tutorial to understand initial behavio
of Adobe photoshop tools, brush, layers & interface etc.
click here

Day 2:
This tutorial having stuff about adobe photoshop interface means
about window,brush,navigation bar, menu bar of photoshop.
click here

Day 3:
This tutorial is about the tools of photoshop as
stamp clone tool, pen tool,healing brush tool etc.
click here

Day 4:
This tutorial is about how to remove unwanted things from
without disturbing image and give new look to your images.
click here

Day 5:
This tutorial is about painting,drawing,shapes and brushes of
click here

Day 6:
This tutorial is about very unique feature of adobe photoshop
which is layer.
click here

Day 7:
This tutorial is about Layer styles in adobe photoshop.This link
is very helpful.
click here